Fallout Shelter Thoughts

Recently, I had downloaded the app “Fallout Shelter” off of the app store, which if you don’t know, is part of the Fallout storyline. Within seconds of playing it and creating Vault 777, I got addicted to playing it, always switching screens to find out if my rooms had any resources to be attained! After completing one of the random objectives that each have different rewards, I got a Lunchbox, which contained a bunch of useful items. I got a level 50 super rare character named Harkness from Fallout 3 (woohoo!).

Vault 777’s Savior

He had many high stats, so I immediately sent him off to the wasteland to acquire more munitions to give my few dwellers, as we only had two weapons and one outfit.

I left the game, checking back a couple times a day to make sure Harkness was still alive and well, to see he was holding TONS of weapons. Seeing that he had a dwindling stimpack supply, I sent him back to the vault, and one day later, we reaped the many rewards he brought home! After his supply run, we had gotten outfits and weapons for all of my 14 dwellers plus a couple to spare!  Eventually, after getting about 30 dwellers, my vault was thriving! By this time, I had gotten a dream team together for quests consisting of my bro Harkness, Confesser Cromwell (whom I had also obtained from a lunchbox), and a random dude named Ralph Bush who I just chose due to his high strength stat.

Because, who wouldn’t trust a cultist who worships nuclear bombs on their team?

I frequently had sent my team on quests, for example, for one series of quests I did I rescued Bottle and Cappy, the animatronic (I think?) dudes from the Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC, and now when I least expect, I hear their annoying theme song at the most inopportune times, like when my dwellers are fighting a raging fire in the Water Treatment Plant, and you just see Cappy dancing in the flames, watching my Dwellers’ futile attempts at quenching the fire!

“Oh, your vault is being completely massacred by deathclaws? We’ll just pop in right now and annoy you all!”

I also obtained 2 Mr. Handys from a raider game show called “Lose Your Head” (Cmon, don’t act like you’ve never seen on TV or anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) They are assigned to my second and third floors, and were amazing at fighting the occasional raiders or ghouls. Of course, my vault’s false hope didn’t last long at all, for after I reached about 60 dwellers, I got the alert that Deathclaws were attacking Vault 777. I shuddered, knowing how destructive they were in Fallout 4, when all of a sudden I realized that I had sent 25 stimpacks with my questing team, leaving me with the generous amount of 4 stimpacks. My vault dwellers scraped by with critically low health, with 5 dwellers dying, but I luckily had been stockpiling caps, so I had revived them all.

Behold, the fiercest, most annoying creature in the game! 🙂

This is now where I currently am with vault 777. Logging in to find deathclaws decided to invade my vault, and I’m forced to mop up the mess they leave for me. Anyways, moral of this story, you should get this game, and be sure to make a good defensive layout for your vault, or else Deathclaw Dan over there is going to eat your vault for breakfast. Thank you for reading!


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