Nintendo’s Brand New Console


The Switch in all of its glory!


              Recently this week Nintendo released their new console, the Nintendo Switch! Along with the console, a bunch of new games have also been released, such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I have been hyped for the console ever since it was announced, however, I am going to wait until the price drops a bit before buying it (unless a new Animal Crossing game that is akin to New Leaf comes out)! That is my usual plan of action because next-gen consoles are so, so, SO expensive on launch and their games are about $60.00 each, which adds up drastically until the prices drop to the $20.00-$40.00 range. From the trailers and posts I have seen, the system is a hybrid between handheld and console, which I believe is what they wanted the Wii U to become.  One of the new features is a parental controls app that allows the console to be indirectly controlled, and this will be a fun way to pull an April Fools prank on a Switch player. This feature came with a trailer (picture shown below) that has been the birth of a funny meme on Youtube. 🙂

The vanilla version of the “Parental Controls” meme

However, similar to Xbox One, a subscription service will be necessary to enjoy online multiplayer by Autumn 2017, which means that the only console I can play on without an outrageous subscription fee has conformed to the norm, and I can only play games online for free on my computer. Really Nintendo? Amiibo’s AND Nintendo Live (Note: it isn’t actually called that )? Don’t worry, I still love you guys, just PLEASE calm down with the extra fees! Thank you all for reading my thoughts!


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