The Beginning of MikeAlerts

Welcome to MikeAlerts! My name is Mike, and this is my first time trying to start a blog. This blog will have posts about what my reactions are for certain gaming news items, and the blog will also include tips, random ramblings, and many other different types of posts. I am a student currently, and am looking to become an entrepreneur when I graduate high school. I had gotten my first video game system, a Wii, in 2009, and have loved video games ever since! My favorite types of video games are Nintendo games, and the systems I have are a Wii U, 2DS, Xbox One, and a gaming PC. My favorite video games are Animal Crossing New Leaf, Overwatch, and the Mario series, but I usually like most of the games I play. I will be posting every other day, but sometimes I will post daily. I really hope that you will like my content, and thank you for visiting my blog. Enjoy!


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